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Professional Visitor Registration


Librarian, translator, literary agent, illustrator, printer and everybody else who is professionally tied with books.


Deadline for professional visitor registration is March 31, 2023.


Receive a discounted professional visitor’s pass valid throughout the book fair, 1 copy of the Exhibitors’ Catalogue, 1 copy of the Catalogue of Accompanying Programmes, access to the internet in the Business Centre with the option to book and use meeting space, password for free Wi-Fi access.


Register as professional visitor by filling in the registration form online below or in word and sending it to info@svetknihy.cz. For more information contact Andrea Tachecí: 602 590 888.

Professional visitor registration

Fill in the online registration form below. 

Or download your registration form (*.doc), fill it in and send it to: info@svetknihy.cz.

Having submitted your registration form you will be e-mailed a confirmation and further information concerning your participation at the book fair.

Professional visitors can book a table in the Business Centre for a specific day and time. Simply complete the form below for registration as a professional visitor online or in *.doc and return it to info@svetknihy.cz.

If you prefer to book a table for the whole fair with displaying your titles with copyrights available and other services in Business Centre, then please fill in the relevant form. 

Registration professional visitor 
four-day ticket plus bonuses

Book World Prague 2024
May 23—26, 2024, Prague Exhibition Grounds

Deadline for applications: 31 March 2024

Professional visitor


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Booking a place in the Press Center

In the Press Center is a pleasant, convenient, well-equipped space in which professionals from the Czech Republic and abroad can get together, conduct meetings and do business. Registered professional visitors can book meeting space with internet access free of charge.

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Information about the processing of personal data (GDPR) is available at www.svetknihy.cz.

Conditions of registration

We will send payment instructions to you by e-mail after you register. We recommend that you make payment in advance of the event, although it will also be possible to pay in cash at the venue. You will be able to collect your professional visitor’s pass (together with information and other materials) directly at the fair near the main entrance to the Prague Exhibition Grounds, so avoiding queues at the box office. The main entrance will be from Stromovka park (Bruselská brána), the road will be marked for easy orientation.

Professional visitor registration applies to all those who work in the business of books and literature and related fields. It is instrumental in the establishing of professional and business contacts among visitors to and exhibitors at the Book World Prague book fair and literary festival. The Business Centre is situated in a separate pavilion near the main entrance to the trade fair (Bruselská brána). It serves as a base for registered professional visitors, it provides a quiet environment for business appointments, free internet access and a hostess-led information service. Close to the Business Centre is the Professional Forum, with a programme that runs for all four days of the event and the Press Centre. This creates a unified space that caters for the needs and interests of professionals.

On purchasing a professional visitor’s pass for CZK 300, each registered professional visitor to the fair will receive: 

  • free admission for the duration of the event
  • 1 copy of the Exhibitors’ Catalogue
  • 1 copy of the Catalogue of Accompanying Programmes
  • the option to book and use meeting space in the Business Centre
  • access to the internet in the Business Centre for the duration of the fair
  • password for free Wi-Fi access
  • coffee or tea in the rooms of the Business Centre