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Book World Prague 2024 Programme Registration

Register and secure your space and time for your programmes as soon as possible, February 29, 2024 latest.

Auditoriums will be allotted progressively, after the receipt of the binding application.

Programme booking must be agreed individually with the Book Fair nad Literary festival organiser.
E-mail: zuzana.cernohousova@svetknihy.cz
Tel.: 775 269 171224 498 464

After agreement on the place and time of your programme please fill out the registration form as the binding application, see below.

For registration of a programme at your stand go to PROGRAMME AT STAND.

The particular position of auditoriums on PRAGUE EXHIBITION GROUND MAP will be available soon.

Binding registration for programme in auditorium

Book World Prague 2024
May 23—26, 2024, Prague Exhibition Grounds

Registration closing date: February 29, 2024
Registration is accepted by the book fair organizer Svět knihy, s.r.o.
Fügnerovo nám. 1808/3, Praha 2; zuzana.cernohousova@svetknihy.cz

Programme organizer

Contact person (for the catalog corrections and ticketing)

Company — mailing address (if different from billing)


Programme's title *

Max. length 50 characters including spaces.

Program annotation

Max. length 250 characters including spaces.

Launch date

List of participants

In case of participation of foreign guests, please send a medallion in Czech and English with a maximum length of 800 characters and a photo with a resolution of 300 dpi.

Focus in 2024

Other theme (multiple themes can be selected)

Programme type (select just one programme type)

Auditorium rental

Prices quoted do not include VAT.
These prices apply for exhibitors only. Prices for other companies are 100 % more than the prices shown.

See new Exhibition Ground Plan.

Rental price includes: 1 wireless microphone, servicing technician, entries and mentions in the Programme Catalogue and other media connected with the programme, entrance tickets for participants.

Each programme ends at a fixed time, which is followed by a break of 10 minutes for the changeover of equipment and preparation of the next programme!

Streaming of the program


Indicate the languages in which the programme will be conducted and to be interpreted. Select the required technique.

Not included in auditorium rental price. Price quotation available on request.


Technics — other auditorium equipment

Prices quoted do not include VAT.

Other equipment must be ordered separately from the book fair organiser (Svet knihy, s.r.o.) sufficiently in advance (not later than 14 days prior to programme day).

* Required fields.

Programme booking must be agreed individually with the book fair organizer

BcA. Zuzana Malina Černohousová
E-mail: zuzana.cernohousova@svetknihy.cz
Tel.: 775 269 171, 224 498 464

Auditoriums will be allotted progressively, after the receipt of the binding application.

The organiser reserves the right to change the time and/or place of the programme after agreement with the programme organiser, as well as the final version of the programme name and discription in accordance to uniform style of presentation in fair’s promotional materials.

Please note

In order to ensure the fluent progress of individual programmes, the programme organiser undertakes to respect the programme duration as per the agreement. Should actual programme duration differ from that of the agreement, the programme organiser undertakes to compensate for inconvenience caused the organiser of the programme to follow.

All programmes which generate noise (by music, singing, etc.) must be reported to the organisers in advance.

Advertising by means of sound and the playing of music are permitted only on a stand or as part of a programme and only in the case that they cause no disturbance to neighbouring stands. Their duration should be no greater than is strictly necessary; this is to forestall justfied complaints on the part of other exhibitors and organisers of concurrent programmes. Failure to observe this condition may result in the demand from the organisers that the programme be cancelled.

For the use of works of music or literature exhibitors are obligated to secure - in addition to the approval of the organiser - approvals from the Copyright Protection Association, Intergram, and Dilia as per the Copyright Act. For public readings, the approval of the author, translator, heirs and/or representing agency is required.

By submitting a binding registration, the program organizer agrees to the recording or photo documentation of the program, which can subsequently be used by the organizer of the fair and festival for promotion and publication.
You can find information about the processing of personal data on the website www.svetknihy.cz.

Terms and conditions in the event of cancellation

If the programme / services paid for are cancelled after March 18, 2024 the cancellation fee is 50 %, after April 1, 2024 the cancellation fee is 100 %.

Please let us know the changes that might occur as soon as possible zuzana.cernohousova@svetknihy.cz.
VAT at the statutory level is not included!