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Central and East European Book Market

A hub for experts and professionals in the book industry

Within the Book World Prague 2024, with “Das Buch: German-Language Literature” as the guest of honor, we would like to invite all professionals specializing in literature and active in the book industry to participate in the program section entitled Central and East European Book Market. 

The CEEBM is intended to serve as a showcase of the Central and Eastern European book sector. Its upcoming edition will feature the meeting of German-Language Literature and Central and Eastern Europe – setting itself in a rich legacy of interpenetration around and through the concept of Mitteleuropa.

We kindly invite you to register as a professional visitor and join the presentations, discussions, and other networking activities. Furthermore, we offer the opportunity to book a private meeting space to connect with your business colleagues operating within the Central and Eastern European book markets.

The CEEBM Business Centre is located in the Bohemia Pavilion, a renovated fin-de-siècle building at the edge of the fairgrounds. It provides a quiet, pleasant, and well-equipped space exclusively reserved for professionals, where you can conduct business meetings or engage in various networking activities.

CEEBM Fellowship is a professional network for exchanging knowledge, information and contacts within the book industry in Central and Eastern Europe. 

If you are interested in joining the network, please contact us at ceebm@svetknihy.cz.