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The Business Centre is a pleasant, convenient, well-equipped space in which professionals from the Czech Republic and abroad can get together, conduct meetings and do business. Registered professional visitors can book meeting space with internet access free of charge.   

The Business Centre is situated in a separate pavilion near the main entrance to the trade fair (Bruselská brána). It serves as a base for registered professional visitors, it provides a quiet environment for business appointments, free internet access and a hostess-led information service. Close to the Business Centre is the Professional Forum, with a programme that runs for all four days of the event and the Press Centre. This creates a unified space that caters for the needs and interests of professionals.

An overview of the professional program will be published together with the full program of the literary festival on this website in the 1st half of April 2023.

Andrea Tachecí will be happy to make a reservation for you and answer any questions: info@svetknihy.cz, 602 590 888.

Business Centre offers

A quiet, pleasant environment away from the hustle and bustle of the fair that allows for professionals to meet new and existing contacts and to negotiate potential business deals.

The Business Centre is also a Right’s Centre and so offers the opportunity to discuss international copyright issues with other professionals from the Czech book market as well as other international visitors.

It provides an opportunity to meet with a wide variety of professionals in the Czech book market, for example publishers, literary agents, distributors, booksellers and others.

A cost-effective way to do business as Book World is offering a table at a low price for professional guests to use in the Centre.

Free internet access is available to enable the visiting professional to keep in touch with the office.

Pre-marketing and B2B support; we can assist the visiting professional by recommending appropriate contacts in the Czech book market as well as helping to arrange meetings before the fair.

Assistants (Czech and English speaking) working at the fair can refer you to relevant publishers and assist in the arranging of meetings during the fair.

How to book space in the Business Centre

Exhibitors can contact us at info@svetknihy.cz /Andrea Tachecí and arrange specific dates.

Professional visitors can also book a table in the Business Centre for a specific day and time. Simply complete the form for registration as a professional visitor.

Please note that this is an area exclusively designed for use by professionals to conduct business and is not open to the public.

Display of titles with copyright available

Those professional visitors who are attending the fair we would like to invite you to take advantage of our offer to participate in the Business Centre by choosing up to five (5) titles, with copyright available, to be displayed in the Centre.  Display here ensures that your books will be seen by other professionals within the book market who are interested in making contacts.  For a fee of 5,000 CZK (excluding VAT) we can offer:

  • Shelf space to accommodate five (5) books with copyright available.
  • Display of your company sign and website.
  • Assistants (Czech and English speaking) working at the fair will introduce the titles according to your instructions and distribute any promotional material related to your books to professional guests.
  • Entry into the Exhibitors Catalogue which is distributed to exhibitors and visitors at the book fair.
  • permanent entry ticket for 4 days
  • Pre-marketing and B2B support; we can recommend appropriate contacts in the Czech book market and help you to arrange meetings before the fair.  Please note that this offer is only available for professionals attending the fair.

For international publishers who cannot attend Book World Prague this year we would like to extend this offer to you so that you may send us five (5) books to be displayed at the Business Centre in order to ‘try the market’.  Along with the above offer we can also provide you with a follow-up service so that any relevant contact data collected throughout the fair will be forwarded to you. Unfortunately we are unable to return the books sent to us for this service.

To book space in the Display

If you are interested in displaying your books in the Business Centre then please complete the form below and return to info@svetknihy.cz before the March 31, 2023.

Business Centre


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Right´s Centre

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