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Book World Prague 2023 Dedicated to Authors Without Borders

Book World Prague returns to the Prague Exhibition Grounds in Holešovice from 11 to 14 May 2023. The 28th edition of the international book fair and literary festival will be thematically exceptional. The “Authors Without Borders” concept reflects the current time when borders, whether physical, cultural, social, sexual, genre or political, are becoming increasingly blurred. Thus in 2023, the guest of honour is not a specific country but authors transgressing notional borders. The fair will present a new campaign entitled “Support Your Bookseller” which aims to raise awareness of the difficulties faced by independent booksellers. It will also include a two-day Central and East European Book Market for professional audience for the first time. Visitors to Book World Prague 2023 will find hundreds of exhibitors in all the newly reconstructed Křižík pavilions while the programme part will take place at the Prague Exhibition Grounds in tents. 

BOOK WORLD PRAGUE 2022 Highlights in articles

Read about the most interesting events from 27th international book fair and literary festival Book World Prague.

BOOK WORLD PRAGUE 2022 Boasts Record Visitor Numbers

Press release about 27th international book fair and literary festival BOOK WORLD PRAGUE

14 June 2022

The international book fair and literary festival Book World Prague was held for the very first time outside of its original venue – a record 54 thousand visitors passed through its gates on the second weekend in June. This exceeded the numbers from 2019 with its roughly 50 thousand visitors. The main highlights of the 27th annual event were authors from the guest country of honour Italy, including the excellent storyteller Donatella Di Pietrantonio or the author of powerful narratives Viola Ardone, also the Ukrainian display, which hosted a reading of children’s books by the wife of the Ukrainian ambassador Olga Perebyjnis, and the section entitled Literature as a Voice of Freedom. The festival also offered debates featuring outstanding foreign and Czech writers and topics such as freedom of speech, globalisation, history or the future. Book World Prague 2022 stayed true to its motto borrowed from the renowned Italian thinker Umberto Eco:  “We live for books – a sweet mission in this world dominated by disorder and decay.”

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SVĚT KNIHY PRAHA 2022 zaplní 416 vystavovatelů a 746 účinkujících ze 33 zemí

Hlavní slovo má Itálie, pozornost je věnována Ukrajině

7. června 2022

Mezinárodní knižní veletrh a literární festival Svět knihy Praha 2022 otevře všem milovníkům literatury své brány od 9. do 12. června. Během 27. ročníku přivítá na Výstavišti Praha v Holešovicích 416 vystavovatelů a 746 účinkujících ze 33 zemí a regionů. Jako čestný host se prezentuje kulturně bohatá Itálie. Literární mistrovství této země zastoupí například vynikající vypravěčka Donatella Di Pietrantonio či autorka silných příběhů Viola Ardone. V sekci Literatura jako hlas svobody vystoupí kromě jiných aktivista z Hongkongu nominovaný na Nobelovu cenu míru Nathan Law . Dorazí také mistr povídky, izraelský autor Etgar Keret či autorka bestsellerových thrillerů Shari Lapena. Dětské čtenářství podpoří inspirativní nabídka pavilonu Rosteme s knihou. Samostatný veletržní stánek se organizátoři Světa knihy Praha 2022 rozhodli vyhradit Ukrajině. Svět knihy Praha 2022 provází motto převzaté od významného italského myslitele Umberta Eca. Jeho slova vyjadřují ideu nejen 27. ročníku: „Žijeme pro knihy a je to sladké poslání ve světě upadajícím a zmítaném nepořádkem.“

Více informací najdete v tiskové zprávě.

BOOK WORLD PRAGUE 2022 Presents Literary Stars, Some as “Voices of Freedom”

Svetlana Alexievich, Lyudmila Ulitskaya, Lukas Bärfuss or Etgar Keret

10 May 2022

27th international book fair and literary festival – announces the names of even more literary celebrities it looks forward to hosting. Its section entitled Literature, or the Voice of Freedom offers a public platform to authors fighting for freedom. As such, it will present two authors of world renown: laureate of the Nobel Prize for Literature Svetlana Alexievich from Belarus, and one of the leading representatives of Russia’s intellectual opposition Lyudmila Ulitskaya. Another distinguished guest, the human rights activist from Hong Kong Nathan Law, will also be heard as a voice of freedom.

Book World Prague connects a wide array of guests from various parts of the world. Readers can look forward to encounters with the acclaimed Swiss novelist Lukas Bärfuss, as well as the master of short texts from Israel, Etgar Keret. Czech as well as global audiences have shown their appreciation for the Canadian “queen of domestic thrillers” Shari Lapena, and the same is true of the British author Naomi Wood, acclaimed by critics and readers alike, or the French writer with Moroccan roots and outstanding literary talent Leïla Slimani. Besides the already announced guest of honour, which is Italy, 27th Book World will also shine a spotlight on Ukrainian literature for adults and children. The Prague Book World will welcome all book enthusiasts on June 9-12 at the Prague Exhibition Grounds.

See more information in press release.

PHOTOGRAPHS, FESTIVAL CATALOGUE, OVERVIEW OF GUESTS FROM ABROAD and other materials are available from the Press Centre.

PRESS ACCREDITATION: Entry to the Exhibition Grounds is free, but without a press accreditation you will not be able to enter the exhibition halls or programme theatres. It is not necessary to be accredited beforehand - the accreditation will take place in the Press Centre at the venue. 

BOOK WORLD PRAGUE 2022 to Focus on Italy’s Literature and Atmosphere

Donatella Di Pietrantonio, Viola Ardone, Luigi Zoja or Donato Carrisi Are Among the Invited Authors

6 April 2022

27th Book World Prague, international book fair and literary festival, is set to convey – at least in part – the atmosphere of Italy. The country with a deep-rooted cultural tradition features as the festival’s guest of honour. Prague Exhibition Grounds will buzz with the vibrant and welcoming atmosphere of an Italian piazza, also reflected in the colourful multi-genre programme. Czech readers will not only get to meet writers whose books they already know from Czech translations, but also the authors of some brand-new translated titles.

See more information in press release.

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BOOK WORLD PRAGUE 2022 Shines the Spotlight on Living for Books

It will also present the wealth of Italian literature, provide platform for Literature as the Voice of Freedom, and address the youngest readers

21 January 2022

“We live for books. A sweet mission in this world dominated by disorder and decay.”    This quote from Umberto Eco will serve as the motto of the upcoming 27th annual international book fair and literary festival, Book World Prague 2022.  The renowned author’s words sum up the event’s long-term objective.

See more information in final press release.

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