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Wednesday May 22, 2024

  • 19.00 CEEBM Welcome Party, Goethe Institute

Thursday May 23, 2024

  • 9.00 Registration and Introduction, Bohemia Pavilion 
  • 10.00 CEEBM Fellowship Orientation Walk
  • 11.00 Opening Ceremony of the Book World Prague, Franz Kafka Stage, followed by Opening of Das Buch Stand and German Stories Stand
  • 13.00 Building Bridges: Exploring Intercultural Dialogue in Publishing, Bohemia Pavilion

    The panel discussion brings together different perspectives on „building bridges“ in the book market through sales of licenses, translations, professional platforms and networks etc. The panelists will discuss their ongoing projects and their vision for an industry based on cultural exchange. They will also share insights from their respective fields, encouraging a cross-border mindset to overcome cultural barriers. Moderator: Jitka Hanušová, CEEBM (CZ). Guests: Stephanie Barrouillet, S.B.Rights Agency (Israel), Petra Kavčič, Beletrina (Slovenia), León Schellhaas, ACHSE Verlag (Austria).

  • 14:30–18:00  Business meetings, Bohemia Pavilion
  • 15:00 Fellowship Roundtable Discussion, Bohemia Pavilion, Salon Moravia / upon registration only
  • 20:00 Book World Prague Opening Party, Gauč na Výstavišti


Friday May 24, 2024

  • 9:30 Frankfurt Frühstück, German Stories Stand
  • 11:00 Bibliodiversity and Slow Publishing, Bohemia Pavilion 

The term bibliodiversity refers to the concept of organic and slow publishing. It deals with issues such as sustainability, diversity of genres, themes, culture, opinions and content, environmentally friendly publishing, ecology and cultural decolonization. The debate will address important issues related to slow publishing but also reflect on the value of culture and diversity of voices in today's society and their role in democracy. Moderator: Barbora Baronová, wo-men (CZ). Guests: Annette Berger, Kommode Verlag (Switzerland), Daniel Beskos, Mairisch Verlag (Germany).

  • 12.00 Children's Literature from Central and Eastern Europe in the global rights market, Bohemia Pavilion, Salon Silesia / upon registration only

    Over the past decade, children's books from our region have received prestigious awards and worldwide attention, with translations into dozens of languages. The representatives of publishing houses from the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Latvia and Germany will discuss trends in children's literature, successes and failures, travels and rights sales with publishers and literary agents from Central and Eastern Europe. Moderator: Ivan Fedechko, Old Lion (Ukraine). Guests: Saskia Heintz, Hanser (Germany), Tereza Horváthová, Baobab (CZ), Tomáš Jodas, Albatros Media (CZ), Alīse Nīgale, Liels un Mazs (Latvia).

  • 12:30–17:00 Business meetings, Bohemia Pavilion
  • 13.00 Book-to-Screen: Best Practices for first steps in the film adaption business, Bohemia Pavilion, Salon Moravia / upon registration only

    How do books find their way to the screen? Is a successful book the key to a successful film? What distinguishes a bestselling book from a good screenplay? How far can and should screenwriters stray from the book? How can the wit, charm and originality of the material be preserved? To what extent do book authors and filmmakers work together? What kind of books are film producers looking for? What role do book festivals and film festivals can play? Moderator: Niki Théron, Frankfurter Buchmesse (Germany). Guests: Frauke Kniffler, Klett-Cotta (Germany), and Vratislav Šlajer, Head producer at Bionaut (CZ).

  • 18:00 Happy Hour, Drink at German Stories Stand 

Saturday May 25, 2024

  • 10.00 Guided tour in Museum of Czech Literature / upon registration 

    Join us for a guided tour of the exhibition “Franz Kafka’s Games”. Discover the creative mind of Kafka, who applied the game with forms, ideas, and perspectives in his texts, and encouraged artists (including translators) who related to him in their work to do the same.