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New Titles Gallery

As part of this year's 4th International Book Fair and Literary Festival Book World Pilsen 2023, we decided to apply one of the new titles that we were inspired by at other fairs - THE NEW TITLES GALLERY.

The principle is very simple, autumn new titles are displayed on large tables freely accessible from all sides, in which visitors can browse freely and note titles that interest them.

For those who will be exhibiting directly in Pilsen, it is advisable to mark the given books with a sticker with the number of the exhibition stand where the books can be purchased.

Editing plans can of course be attached freely to share with visitors.

For those who participate in the presentation, we will reserve a section in the Book World Pilsen catalogue, where the publishers' contact information and theirs e-shops will be listed. The catalogue is designed as a special supplement to the regional Journal (Vltava Labe Press), which will be inserted into all West Bohemian mutations a week before the start and ten thousands copies will be distributed before the event within the city of Pilsen and also to visitors to the fair.

For more information about this year conditions for participation in the presentation within the NEW TITLES GALLERY please contact Andrea Tachecí (info@svetknihy.cz).